The ups and downs of marathon training

The ups and downs of marathon training ... Monday on "doubles day" during my second run my hamstring tied up down to my calf. Post run I was in pain. Thankfully Tuesday was my scheduled off day. With rest, icy/hot, and cold/hot contrast I woke up Wednesday pain free for a 6 mile run, followed up by a 7 miler Thursday and a dominating 16.5 mile run today. Lots of stretching and cutting out double days for rest of month. Keeping mileage around 52 miles a week. (ZēLUS - This is a great weekly mileage target for anyone who wants to achieve their best finish time.) 

Introducing Will Vital, a ZēLUS everyday athlete

We are excited to introduce Will Vital, our sponsored everyday athlete! Will is training for his very first marathon. Will be making regular blog posts of his progress, including the ups and downs, as the big day approaches. We started by asking Will 10 questions. Below are the questions and his answers. Just a quick disclaimer, Will’s answers are in his own words, and should not be read as statements from ZēLUS Beer Company.

1. Why are you training for a marathon?

Ever since running track and cross country in high school and college I have been determined to run one marathon. After several injuries, I chose to stick to short distances and competition. Now that I have grown older, I have less interest in "racing" more a yearning to complete my first marathon.

2. What is the longest run you have done?

20 miles. Around a track to raise money for a charity.

3. How often do you run?

I run 5 or 6 times a week. Usually 4-5 miles a day. Recently increasing my mileage by 2 miles more daily.

4. Do you cross train?

I don't "cross train" per se but I do enjoy a good hike.

5. What time of the day do you typically run or train?

I always run first thing in the morning. If need be I will train after work if more mileage is needed.

6. What do you usually eat or drink afterwards?

After every run I immediately drink 16 oz of water followed by a smoothie. BCAAs, banana and usually an avocado. And for protein usually an egg sandwich.

7. How often do you drink beer post-run?

Being a huge craft beer fan, I do plan a lot of my summer runs after work around bars and breweries.

8. What are your favorite beer styles?

Typically IPAs, like almost all Americans, but I do enjoy a variety of styles including porters and stouts.

9. Do you find hydro-friendly beer effective?

I have seen some benefits with hydro friendly beers. Beer itself can definitely help replenish glycogen stores in the body and when proper electrolyte balance is achieved, the body’s recovery time can be enhanced.

10. How did you meet the guys from ZēLUS?

I met Joe, the salesman, at a liquor store. He gave me the background of the beer and immediately I was interested in the marriage of craft beer and running....and here we are.